That guy is just too much! I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. What an idiot

Bwaahaaahaaa! Tracy, you're brilliant! It's almost too bad that the hilarity of your responses is lost on this guy.


The 'hinterland' reference had me laughing out loud!
Clive's Mom

I have tears streaming down my face this is a hoot!

Some side excuses:

send him an email saying you just sent a money order, and include the address: "as per your instructions, sent to XXX" but screw it up so that it is slightly different and he has to email you a correction (3 or 4 times)......

OR: Oh My GOD, Reina, he has just catched the Arrivaderchi virus . Vet noticed when he came out to check poor pony for BSE. NOw we has to waits another week for spots to go away before they can ship him in the ocean.........

I can't send a wire on any day in June which ends in "y"-it violates my religion (non partus with monius) It is a major religion in my area, a subgroup of the tightwadians church of spendthrift.

or simply: "Can you send another email with instructions? I couldn't hear the last one............"

How about sending him porn???????

Its killing me, really.. :)

OHMIGAWD computer screen just about wore my lovely glass of wine!

Too funny@!!!!!!!