Dear Tracy

I have a huge complaint regarding your web site.

I started my day off by catching up on a work related forum on the internet (I work in the airline industry). On one of the forums there was a discussion about scam letters, and someone had added a link to your web site.

This is where my problems started:

At about 9.30 this morning I accessed your website. I have now spent nearly 2 and a half hours reading through your Con the Man pages.

I was ready for work; uniform on, make-up perfected, hair coiffed. Reading through your scams I have managed to wet my self laughing several times (I am now on my 4th pair of knickers), my mascara has run because I have shed so many tears laughing and my hair now look like I have been draggged through a hedge backwards. I am due to be at work in an hour and its going to take me 3 hours to look and feel 'normal' again.

I believe you should have a public health warning on your website before anyone reads your hilarious exploits. I was just lucky that I did not have a hernia to rupture, others may not be so lucky.

I shall be consulting my lawyers today to see if there is any chance I can sue you.

Obviously, if I suceed in suing you I will want any funds paid into my Nigerian Bank Account!

Kindest regards.
Ida Diedlarfing
a.k.a. Belinda (United Kingdom)

PS: Best laugh I've had in ages.........Thank You!

I just love you Tracy! Do another Con will ya! Sorry If Iím sending this to the wrong email Ö I was unsure how to reply to your scam page. What a wonderful idea. Iím going to have to play with these people more. I get them in my email. This will be fun. I sent you web page to everyone I know. Thank you!

Ingrid Sebastian
(by the way Iím a cop down in Florida and we are frustrated that these scammer are getting so many vulnerable people. Wish everyone would do what you are doing!)