This is really amazing. Either this is the most stupid person on the planet or he's assuming that you are. Wonder who writes the e-mails for him? Surely no non-English speaker could come up with that many misspellings and incorrect word usages. I'm inclined to agree with those who think this may be a takeoff on the Nigerian scam by a North American scam artist.

Just checking in for my daily Emmanuel update! Transparent?? He also called you "my dear" a couple of times and now he wants to travel to Hawaii with you?? This is a riot!
drifting cloud

Well darn it- where's your 20m- i mean it's so obvious this is completely legal and that money is on the way

Is it just me, or has Emmanuel's sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation improved dramatically in this last communique`? Are we sure this isn't someone in North America cashing in on the Nigerian scams?

I want to know what a "destinated address" is....and i absolutely love the "transparent and trustworthy" thing. Great combo

I see on the airway bill that you are a MR. And I love the fact the diplomatic email is a yahoo account. And to think some folks STILL fall for this stuff

Love the photos of the money too---can we say "bank"? Even if this is a scam, where do they get so much cash--is it counterfeit?

Gosh, I never thought that Diplomatic Consignment boxes would have little flowery liners in them! You learn something new every day.